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Dileepa is primarily a self taught artist who has been painting since her childhood and began painting full time after finishing her Bachelors and Masters degrees in plant biotechnology at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and further education in horticulture in New Zealand.

Over the years she has been painting basically inspired by her immediate surroundings real or some times imagined. Her versatility ranges from portraits to fine art oil paintings or illustrations to modern art. She also practices digital art which is yet to be mastered. You will be able to view her digital art creations in the near future.
Dileepa has strong passion for beauty and diversity of nature that most of her paintings and creations are close to nature, highlighting the beauty of wild life, trees, waterways and livelihood of people. She enjoys using any kind of medium such as pencils, pastels, graphite, charcoal, and oil paints, Acrylics and even shoe wax / polish for her creations. She uses primed linen, canvas, watercolour paper, and wooden boards as subbstrates.
Her paintings are among private collectors around the world.

To view her paintings please visit the Galleries of water colour, Acrylic, oil and mixed media .

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